Kombi Texturing. Let's get going!
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Kombi Texturing. Let's get going!

My first entry Update for the Kombi texturing Contest. This is my First time entering a Rookies Contest and I am vw excited! ;P

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Update - 20 Nov 2020

Quickly posting my second update. Since I last checked in I've been working through my lovely Kombi model baking the texture sets and applying some factory new materials! 

My approach for texturing this Kombi is to treat it how I believe the look would develop in real world circumstances. 

So First I will be texturing it as new shiny,  straight out of the factory,

Then I will be adding spray-paint over top. I hope to simulate the dry and blurring effects of spray-paint layered over top of shiny car paint, to see how that will change the reflectance and roughness, it also gives me the opportunity to break it up a bit and allow the under layers to potentially poke through and create lots of fun variation. 

Lastly I will be adding grunge, wear and rust simulating the passing of time and the cyclical life of the new kombi to abandoned and degraded (Maybe this is some kind of metaphor for the Hippy movement and idealism who knows?) 

This project has also been my first opportunity to use Substance painters new feature that allows you to paint and work across multiple UDIM tiles. Super cool, watched the great tutorial below to quickly get myself acquainted.

Baking map for UV Tiles (UDIMs) - Substance by Adobe

>>     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEdwmSV0ZOM 

I also pulled together more reference for detail bits, like the lights interior and seats coverings.

Had to go for retro wood paneling for the interior <3

Alright Calling My first pass done at this stage, happy with the fresh paint Factory look... Next for the fun part! time to get creative and hippify that shiny fresh paint.

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Update - 17 Nov 2020

 My first Contest entry ! Lets go, Kombi Van. Getting started.

First thing to do was open up this awesome model and get familiar with the material texture sets.

• Outer body paint

• Curtain Fabric

• Metallic door hinges

• Glass

• Hubcaps metallic

• Inner body materials 

• Lightbulbs emissive.

• Light Glass casing

• Metal (shiny chromatic)

• Metal hand (seat back handles)

• Mirror glass

• Number Plate

• Rubber seals

• Rubber tire

• Seats fabric

• Wing mirror (chrome)

• Back and front bumper white steel

• Steering wheel

• Tire rims (white)

• Windscreen glass.

Also at this point I'm gathering together reference materials. Getting to know what materials make up the Kombi VW  van and also getting ideas for how to make it look cool and unique! Ultimately I want to make the van of my dreams, something I  would want to live in. That being said I also like the idea of the abandoned Kombi something nostalgic and kind of eerie, idealism of a generation consumed by todays world... Something to think about for sure.

Next step is to concept out what I want the final look to be and what story it will tell.