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Update - 7 Oct 2020

Final Submission

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Update - 5 Oct 2020


Normal and Detail

I used hard surface brush for normal and applied anchor point for edgewear mask. And made bumble bee image in photoshop and project on to the eyes. 

Update - 2 Oct 2020


Normal and Details

I used hardsurface brush for normal and applied anchor point for edgewear mask. I made bumble bee alpha in photoshop and used it for projection on the eyes. 


Projection , Emission and Screws

I used projection tool for emission Part. and I did another base material work for the body. For screw detail, I used tool from substance painter.


Base Materials

I used custom material that I made in substance designer for yellow metals. by using procedural patterns, I was able to create an interesting height and color. And then applied the layer group on to other texture sets via instancing.



I made different patterns by using color/mask/heights. And instanced a layer group to the other Texture sets. Based on random patterns I made, I decided to go for bumble bee concept.