Eddie | Ancient Set Armor
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Eddie | Ancient Set Armor

Hi all! I'm trying to recreate the Ancient Set you can find in The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild, entirely in Substance Painter!

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Update - 5 Oct 2020


Here we go, I think it is done! I painted the last details, and as Eddie is a machine, I decided some subtle oil leaks could bring cool colors on him. I spent a bit of time on the brand new lines to bring them closer to what I had in the beginning, without going as far. I also tried to add some details on the "ears", but they were just adding too much things to look at and kind of destroying the balance. The eyes are a bit refined, and thanks to the procedural aspect of Substance, the darker blue can be expanded or shrinked to mimic a pupil. Finally, I checked every single material to see if there were any forgotten mistakes.

And, Tadam! Here is my final entry. I hope you'll all like this Zelda take on Eddie!

And as I forgot to post it at the beginning of this project, here are some of the references I used!

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Update - 2 Oct 2020

Here is the last Houdini / Redshift render. I quite like it, Eddie looks a bit like a Warhammer!

Update - 2 Oct 2020

Quite a lot happened today! I reworked / polished every material, especially the blue gems. I also added a gradient on the emission, in order to reduce it as we're going down : it might help to keep the eyes as the central piece. The "lines" completely changed as I was feeling they were a bit off, and I added a few details such as cracks, or dust between the height and the main armor to blend them a bit better!

Oh, and on the third picture you can actually see the fabric, which I totally forgot to show!

Update - 1 Oct 2020

Just made a Houdini / Redshift render, in order to see how were reacting the materials in another engine. As usual, the metalness looks quite different. It's also quite cool to see Eddie in his environment!

Update - 1 Oct 2020

Focusing on the blue lights : I wasn't happy with them so I decided to make them look more like gems! I also used those new ones as a first pass for the eyes, and changed a bit the color of the fabric.

Update - 1 Oct 2020

Just some kind of Lookdev to see how the materials are reacting to different lighting scenarios.

Update - 1 Oct 2020

I started the head details, and added some mud/dirt on Eddie's legs. Still refining the first materials while working on those new parts!

Update - 1 Oct 2020

Taking the arm as a reference for the main model worked pretty well. It's now time to start either the head, or add some red ropes! I'll then come back on each of those parts during the polish.

Update - 1 Oct 2020

Slowly going towards the final design, I spent quite a lot of time on the arm to define how the rest of Eddie's body should look. I still need to refine the lava a bit!

Just a quick sneak peak at all the different maps!

Update - 30 Sep 2020

Here you can see the arm, reworked with a bunch of new details, such as cracks.