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Hotel Covid
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Hotel Covid

Bore zombie concierge gives up during covid 19

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Update - 24 Oct 2020

I rendered out the first shot and have decided to slow the camera movement, plus change the look to only look once as it's all a bit fast. Plus slow the foot tap down slightly.

The first shot:

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Update - 24 Oct 2020

This is my first entry :D

I decided to use the Zombie from Hotel Transylvania and spent a good amount of time working out the model and making it work with Arnold renderer.

In Australia a lot of the hotels are completely empty due to lockdowns and Covid 19 restrictions. My idea is to depict the boredom of being a Hotel Concierge during this period.

Originally I was going to have the concierge move back and forward and slowly go mad talking to himself with a few interesting camera shots, though it's evolved a little. Showing a giant clock which doesn't quite work, making life a little worse.

I've tried to keep the scene bare and have started by blocking out the scene and testing the lighting etc.

The zombie doesn't have many facial controllers so I've had to keep his facial expressions to a minimum as well.

Update - 28 Sep 2020

My idea is to have a zombie butler, going mad during covid as no customers are around so he starts talking to himself