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Eddie the robot Entry
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Eddie the robot Entry

My entry for the Eddie the Robot Texturing Challenge

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Update - 25 Sep 2020

I saw the contest and i thought i would give it a go. So i downloaded the Model and Opened up substance painter.

I am going for a somewhat used and rusted feel to the robot. 

So i started on my first pass of the robot.

I opened the model and set the Environment map to tomoco studio to get some even lighting. Then set the shader quality to ultra. I also baked the model using the low as a high poly mesh, in 4096 x 4096 with sub sampling set to 8x8.

After baking i started on the first part. which was the mouth area.

 I started with a simple hexagon material. and then masked the inner area to get some variance on the area. Then set the inner area to be an emmisive material. 

I lowered the height because i wanted to leverage height maps , in later areas on the mesh but not over use them as to reduce my performance and slow my rendering times.

Next were the eyes. I started with the same material as the mouth for some continuity on emmisive materials. 

I then gave each eye a different emmisive value because it would fit with my broken and rusted asthetic.

I then started work on the body. 

By using and mixing multiple smart materials to create the base material for the body.

I used the chrome blue tint and machinary defualt smart materials. 

I deleted the rust and other layers on those materials to suit my needs

I then started to work on the other areas which i just refer to as cells. 

I wanted it to look as if the tubes on its back were batteries moreover, it had to look as if some timed had passed so i made some cracks on the battery. 

The parts on its head were meant to look like worn out batteries and the extrusions were done via height maps and displacement. The cell on the back of the head is meant to look like a nuclear power cell but it isn't exactly how i want it so ill come back to it once i have the rest of the model closer to completion.

Currently the back area, i don't really know what to do with it. but i think ill give it some variance compared to the rest of the mesh and come back to it once, i have an idea for it.

I decided to separate the joints of the object with the rest of the object using the ID map i baked. I added some normal and height to the model. 

I gave it a lot of screws on the joints because, as soon as i saw this model I've always envisioned it as a small worker sort of robot and because of this i thought if it would be something you would see in a factory then it would be easy to be dismantled for repair hence the increased amount of screws.

Next i decided to add another coat to the body. 

For this second coat i wanted it to show the age of this robot and how damaged it is. So i changed the colour scheme up a bit to show that the fact that its nuclear cell is leaking its damaging the robot and the metal on it. So i gave it more of a corroded look.

Using the difference blend mod i got the result i was looking for.

Final Renders

3quatLF cam



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