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wall-e based design for the eddie robot

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Update - 6 Oct 2020

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Update - 2 Oct 2020

During the course of this project I tried to keep the edd-e as close to wall-e as possible, I added speakers for ears and a hinge on his head where his solar panel could come from as well as the stripes over his arms, and eyelids to add some personality to edd-e. I had  a lot of fun making this project and learnt a lot about substance painter. 

Update - 1 Oct 2020

over the last day I added warning stripes to the model to replicate wall-e, I also added paint rust and ware to the model 

Update - 24 Sep 2020

Initially I made a mood board, this was to get an idea of what I want my eddy to look like, I really liked the texture of wall-e and the other robot so I decided to base my textures of these two mainly for inspiration.

once I had imported the eddy file I baked the maps and split texture sets by the udim tiles, this allowed me to split up my model quickly to start texturing.

I then quickly added a fill layer, I layer added a black mask and  then added a metal wear generator, this quickly gave some detail to eddy especially around the edges. 

once this had been done I played around with the settings and painted on some rust with the dirt 2 brush to add some more wear around the eyes.

Some useful guides I used with these steps are linked here:


Update 2:

 26th of September 

after I had made the base of my model I decided to make the eddie based off wall-e, so by painting on height maps I added details to his chest plate, I also added some detail to his head to add some interest, after this I decided that I wanted to some rust. I painted this also by using a normal layer with colour height and roughness, this allowed me to paint realistic rust by using dirt brush and the dirt brush 2. I also added a stamp on his head by creating an image that I then used a filter on photoshop to create a normal map .

this is the guide I used to help me create the height and normal map detail:


over the last few days I detailed the rest of edd-e body by adding a edd-e stamp made in photoshop as well as the power level. Ive tried to keep the details as true to the original wall-e as possible