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Eddie the little repair robot
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Eddie the little repair robot

My entry to the Eddie texturing challenge made with substance painter.

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Update - 7 Oct 2020

Final renders and deliveries 

This contest was great! Thanks to the Rookies team and Adobe Substance to make it happen. 

front render

3/4 Left front render

Back render

Face render

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Update - 29 Sep 2020

Oops he did it again!

A lot of minor correction. I rescaled the rust who was too strong, in my opinion. I have changed the height bust details and I added the yellow paint drops.

also textured the tank and the backpack

Update - 25 Sep 2020

i continue to work the high details and the colour theme.

I also add the eyes and the mouth with three layers of emissive dots to create a screen effect.

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Update - 22 Sep 2020

Concept breakdown:

I first try to retro engineering the original concept of Eddie and also the asset himself.

From the UDIM composition, I understood that the most amount of details should be on the "eyes" and the face.


who is Eddie?

An independent unit repair droid

in what world?

a futuristic postapo/cyberpunk world

I will use the Valorant character "Raze" colour that i like a lot and I will try to use the eyes as display screens and make Eddie an "internet cute expression" UwU 


i add details on the body to make it more believable.