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Eddie Police - Sci Fi
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Eddie Police - Sci Fi

Eddie Police with Sci Fi flavor!

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Update - 20 Sep 2020

Update #3

Hello, Hope you are doing well!

Since it's weekend, so I went berserk!. Well, here the progress!

- Added Height details for body and head

- Added some dust,dirt, some height details for the height details

- Added some lamp and sticker

I attached two photos which must be put according to the rules. Also with additional rendering

Enjoy, hope you like it :)

And here additional renders!

I think this is mostly done . But of course I'll still take a look as long as there's still time to deadline :)

Alright, Thank you for read this project content!

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Update - 19 Sep 2020

Update #2: Added height details

Hope you are doing well!
Here the progress I worked on. 

-  added height detail for arm and feet

-  only orange part are different height detail.

-  added "fuel" at back of body. well, he need "eat" too in order to protect the city he patrol :)

Hope you enjoy it!
next update I will add height details for head and body, as well as add some dirt/dust, color etc. for height detail,   so as  the height detail not too contrast to base color.

Update - 18 Sep 2020

I'm looking for references. Initially I wanted to make a robot that delivers food, but I checked in another entry, it turns out that there are other people whose ideas are exactly the same as mine. so I looked for other ideas. in the end chose Police Robot with a hint of Sci-Fi flavor.

it starts from the left. I feel that robots innocently are lacking. so I looking for the next reference to the right.

Here you go! I made the base color first with dirty seasonings so that it wasn't too clean / plain. 

His left  hand is a different color, let's just say that the damaged part is replaced with the orange part based on references.

In the next update I will add details with the aim of giving a Sci-Fi feel!

and Thank you for read this project content. See you all :)