Eddie At Burning Man
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Eddie At Burning Man

Eddie comes across The Burning Man concert on it's bruiting journey across the desert.

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Update - 30 Sep 2020

Started texturing

I created a smart material to make texturing easier and focus on other details. As I've mentioned before I started out with height/normal details and later on moved to painting in the details manually.

After few more adjustments across maps, I've managed to get the following renders. I've made a 3840x2160 render for the required camera angles but the rest are the minimum resolutions due to workbench limitations.

More renders

Further edits to resolution might come or maybe the background as well, but I think overall I'm done with the texturing process unless me or you guys find any problem.

Update - 28 Sep 2020

Creating stencils and Alphas

I used Adobe Illustrator to create thes e alphas. I'll also be using built in substance painter maps and hard surface normals.

Workflow breakdown

Now that i've experimented and created alphas that i believe i'll be using, I decided to start texturing by creating height and normal map details for extraction of procedural textures based on the micro details. 

Update - 19 Sep 2020

Pushing anchors

Testing out what I can get by pushing anchors.

Glasses and welds, huh? Well, I'll be abusing this... 

Concepting the tattoo and detail areas

Not good at drawing, but it's worth trying instead of getting confused on which alpha details to use. Since this is just for detailing and theme related concepting, things will change once I notice there is space for more details and story telling.

Update - 16 Sep 2020

Creating a Block Out

Now that i understand how to use UDIMs in substance painter. I've started texturing by blocking out colors.

I find this color combination a little dull, so i added one more color and a little dirt for testing to see if it all blends well.

Replicating one of the headlights based on this reference. 

I still have a little doubt about the color combination. And I might change details later on as I proceed. Up next, I'll be concept sketching over the 3D-Object to see what i can get from my references and to prevent any confusion in the future. 

Update - 16 Sep 2020

Eddie at The Burning Man

After a bruiting experience traveling across the desert. Eddie comes across The Burning Man concert. And boy he'll have an experience.

Gathering reference

At burning man concert, attendants often have a common culture for the event. Vehicles have their own modification. People have vibrant colors painted or tattooed on their body. 

You can see from the references that, the machines have heavy dustiness and often have bolted bodies as well, which i will be trying to recreate, with much more color and past bot information that i think could make the story more solid.

This will be so much fun! This will involve a non-procedural painting workflow, which definitely not my strong side. Technical sides include, using UDIMs and how to keep it all optimized.