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Audio Eddie-O

The year is 2040 and guess what just hit the markets? That's right, the Audio Eddie-O! This new invention is programmed to assist you with your daily chores in any way possible. As a bonus, it comes with embedded speakers that is sure to liven up even the dullest of parties. Order yours today!

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Update - 20 Sep 2020

Trying out a different direction- here he has speakers implemented in all his joints. Now this little servant is bound to lighten up the party!

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Update - 16 Sep 2020

Get your latest Eddie Robot today! It's all the rage

Update - 15 Sep 2020

A small update. Gave him some fashionable edge wear and some silver deco for that clean, stylish look that may or may not be all the rage in the future. He's gonna be a cute little mass produced servant robot when all done and wrapped up.

Update - 15 Sep 2020

So excited to try out this challenge! My comfort zone is organic modeling and texturing, so this is gonna be outside of my comfort zone for sure. I aim to create a sleek and futuristic Eddie, so my references are mainly from various sci-fi/futuristic media. To begin with, I have some simple block outs of what the primary color scheme. I still have not landed on anything specific yet, so I guess now it's time to iterate :D