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Eddie X Geisha

Hey, it's my first texturing contest and I'm stoked to join ya'll! For my entry I thought about challenging myself in terms of texturing. Im open to critique, so please tell me what you think!

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Update - 12 Sep 2020

My Eddy Entry - Geisha Eddy

Hey! It's a first, so beware.

My idea was turning Eddy into a Japanese Geisha, as it was my first thought somehow. 
After asking myself how the hell I could pull it off, the first step was to do some research, downloading some images, putting them in a reference board and letting that whole idea sink in for a moment.

As you can see, I'm keeping it rather "minimalistic". I'm having the habit of adding more and more references if I need more input. I'm using the software "pureref" on my 2nd monitor. 

The most challenging part will be the head, as eddies eye's are round and it might look weird if I draw him some eyelids in, so that part will be a lot of experimenting. 

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