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Howdy, I'm planning on doing a clean modern Eddie with minimal wear. He'll have solar power and digital displays.

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Update - 22 Sep 2020

Heya, Here is an update on my Eddie.  I've re-worked his eye lenses and added a filter canister and water tank with filling ports on his back. I added joints and I made his feet muddy, as you'd expect splashback from watering plants.  I will be adding a hose nozzle to one of his finger tips.  I added displacement to the crosses on the battery "ears" and a to the logo I created for his shoulder joints.   Still a few more areas I need to work on, but getting close to being finished.  =D

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Update - 14 Sep 2020

Heya, I have been plugging away on the details for my Eddie and have come up with a few extra ideas. Eddie will be a plant care bot. He will have water tanks and a filter on back. I have added an LCD display on his chest and his eyes have lights and lenses. There are now battery pack "ears", nose vents, mouth area and side head vents. I have been playing around with a bit of wear and dirt.

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Update - 12 Sep 2020

Hiya, Here's an update on my Eddie. I've been blocking out the different materials in areas... still a long way to go, but having a blast!

Update - 12 Sep 2020