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Substance Painter Challenge:

My entry for the Eddie Texture Challenge, where I take a overgrown, ruined approach. In the style of the Robots in Laputa.

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Update - 10 Sep 2020

Eddie Robot Texture Challenge!

Hi all! I was recently recommended to check out the rookies so here I am! And what better way than to tackle this challenge. I'm a third year student working on my capstone project but I'll try to update as regularly as I can.

Concept: Overgrown Eddie

Recently I've fallen in love with the texturing work of Jimmy Malachier on artstation (Seen below), who made a post which was in turn inspired by Ghibli films. 

^ This in turn served as the foundation which has inspired me to tackle an overgrown, ruined Eddie. Poor. Guy.

This is my initial ref/mood board, which I fully expect to grow as I seek out references for particular parts of Eddie.

That's it for my initial post - but I'm gonna really sink my teeth into it as soon as I hit send!

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