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Eddie Droid

Eddie Play by Play Contest Entry by Peter Clarkson

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Update - 17 Sep 2020

Update #3

moving along, this weekend will be focused on the arms and legs. and would like to add some more detail to body, and emissives.

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Update - 13 Sep 2020

Update #2

I'm Starting to see the character more now and can see the overall idea I'm going for I think.

I'm starting to panel the body and head and create the look that Eddie is made up of different parts and materials. I want him to start looking as if he's under gone some maintenance in his lifetime and has received replacement parts. 

Once main paneling is done and base normals are in place, I will start adding more tertiary details, such as burn damage, dirt, and identifying numbers and graphics. 

Update - 10 Sep 2020

Eddie Project Start - 9-9-20

For this project, when I saw the Eddie Model, It reminded me a lot of Star Wars Droids. This is where I will draw some inspiration from. I knew I wanted to use a lot of hard surface normals and alphas to give the model some of it's characteristics as well as keep things procedural instead of hand painting.

Beyond that I just want to have fun and see what I can come up with. ^^

Some initial reference I gathered but adding more.

WIP Renders

Very much a work in progress and at the beginning stages. I am excited to add more and get into color and emissive properties.

Update - 10 Sep 2020