Iron Eddie
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Iron Eddie

If You’re Nothing Without This Suit Then You Shouldn’t Have It. - Iron Eddie

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Update - 16 Sep 2020

The next thing I started with was adding height information to my model. While doing so I got to know about some ways with which I can achieve the same.

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Update - 10 Sep 2020


This is my first entry into the Eddie Robot texturing competition and  I'm excited to be taking part in this Texturing Challenge!                            

                                                                                                -Thanks to The Rookies :)

I started to brainstorm some concept ideas for Eddie,  After a couple of hours I came to a concept idea that I really wanted to try on for this contest so I choose Iron heart character from Marvel comics, I got some inspiration from Marvel movies and comics as well, I am looking forward to add more grunge, dust and scratches to my model to give it a feel of war machine.                                                     


The very next step that I did was to take some renders of Eddie and take it to photoshop to fill him with some of my ideas that I had in my mind. And with this concept completed I would now move on to substance painter and bring it to life. 

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