Eddie The Iron Man
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Eddie The Iron Man


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Update - 26 Sep 2020

Working on hand & body.

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Update - 25 Sep 2020

Still working on hand.

Update - 24 Sep 2020

Working on hand.

Its really challenging for me to fill all the empty spaces with micro details.

Update - 23 Sep 2020

Working on body.

90% done 10% remaining & I will finish that later.

Update - 22 Sep 2020

Still working on leg. I hope I could finish this contest on time. Here are some screenshots.

Update - 21 Sep 2020

I changed my concept. Now I am trying to add some micro detail, here are some screenshots. 

Update - 20 Sep 2020


Here are some renders.

Update - 19 Sep 2020

Now its time to give Eddie a power source so that he can do his tasks. 

Displacement in SP is really a powerful tool.

I  am trying to give Eddie his power source and here is the result.

I am uploading screenshots bcz of I-ray warm up .

Still looking for solution.

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Update - 18 Sep 2020

working on head.

I am facing I-ray warm up problem bcz of displacement if anyone have solution plz help me thank you.  :)

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Update - 16 Sep 2020

adding some detail on leg.