Punk Eddie
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Punk Eddie

Going for a steampunk robot vibe that's rusty and corroded from years of disuse .

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Update - 17 Sep 2020

Final Deliverable 1: Cam_Front

Final Deliverable 2: 3quarterLF

Extra view to show off the texturing in the back 

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Update - 16 Sep 2020

Added rust to the steel and bronze cogs to fuel the steampunk vibes.

Update - 11 Sep 2020

Eddie has taken on a more metallic look to him. I played around with materials more and decided I didn't want to have polished wood. Instead opting for more of a steel and copper automaton feel. In the process of creating him I'm reminded of the automatons in Cassandra Clare's Clockwork series. Eddie is the only survivor, inactive and corroded and rusty. More updates to come. 

Update - 9 Sep 2020

Started on the Eddie project today. 

Going for a wooden steam punk vibe. Really excited to be using the new version of Substance Painter and looking forward to learning more new skills with this project.