Panamenian Eddie Robot
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Panamenian Eddie Robot

What a proyect! I learn a lot doing this and I really like the final look of this texture and had some much fun doing it.

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Update - 17 Sep 2020

I think I finish this proyect I have so much fun doing this. Its the first time I participated in a contest of The Rookies and also the first time I create a piece of art using references about the country I live and I really the final look.

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Update - 15 Sep 2020

Hii! I add more details to the face of Eddie and also fix some details of the body but right now I dont know what more can I do to improve the texture. I have to think about that. If you have have suggestions just let me know.

Update - 10 Sep 2020

So, until today Im not sure about how to design the face of the robot so I decide to focus on the body...I add more details like the bump, the scratches and also more black lines like the cloth of the "Diablico Sucio".  Tomorrow I am going to continue improving the details of the body until Im really happy with it. 

Update - 8 Sep 2020

The reference for this design is something of the culture of Panama that called "Diablico Sucio"

This is my first couple hours of work, probably Im going to change the color of head and eyes, I dont know yet but I want to upload every step Im making with this project doesnt matter if I change something.