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Eddie Robot Substance Painter Challenge 2020
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Eddie Robot Substance Painter Challenge 2020

Hello everyone! Inspired by the Star War Rogue One K2S0 , still in blocking process but really enjoying doing it and its an honor to be part of this challenge for Substance Painter 2020. Thanks in advance hope you like it

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Update - 8 Sep 2020

                                                                                    Eddie Robot Challenge 2020

This year its an honor to be part of the Challenge for Substance Painter 2020 from here The Rookies. This was an great opportunities for me to practice, improve and challenge my own skill of texturing for this hard surface character Eddie Robot. Really enjoying texturing this little guys and love to see everyone have to offer and learn from everyone. My Eddie Robot its inspired me by the Star Wars K-2SO , the first time i saw him i like the design, the base color of it, black matte and somehow it gave that feeling with Eddie. So i start to Blocking out the texture for this little guys, Hope you like it!! Thanks for the artist @Paul Braddock who did the modeler it amazing job and @Christina Ryan who simplify the model and do the excellent Uvs !!! 

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