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Cog Frogs

Cog Frogs

Martin Matus Davis
by Jack Smith, haydnmcgawvfx, martinmd1, and sianlh on 2 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

The story of two robot frogs sneaking into the workshop of a local watchmaker. Created for our third year final major module (Work in Progress)

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Cog Frogs is a short film created by a team of four undergraduate students from Buckinghamshire New University. We are responsible for the whole project from concept to final, producing this for our submission for the final major project module of our third year.

Filming Location 

Our film was shot on location at Wren Davis Farm in Bucks.


We created a pre-vis to help block out our shots and visualise story and composition.

3D Assets 

All assets were modelled & texured by Haydn McGaw. 

Test Renders

In order to check the perspective matched, we created test renders of each of the shots before final rendering & comp. 

A Film by: Siân Hearn, Martin Matus Davis, Haydn McGaw & Jack Smith

Starring: Jack Smith as "The Watchmaker"

Indvidual Credits

Siân Hearn: Story, Character Design, Rigging, Animation, Lighting, Matchmoving.

Martin Matus Davis: Story, Editing, Layout, Animation, Lighting, Matchmoving.

Haydn McGaw: Story, Editing, Modelling, Texturing, Look Development, Lighting, Compositing.

Jack Smith: Story, Character Design, Animation.

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