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3D environments & Props

3D environments & Props

Kian Kreikamp
by baardus on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi I'm Kian! I'm a fourth year game art student at the HKU currently graduating. This is a collection of work I made over the past few years that I am most proud of. I have a passion for creating 3D environments that feature a sense of adventure. I hope my submissions reflect this!

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Royal Indian Palace

This is an interactive enviromnent scene made in Unity and was heavily inspired by the Prince of Persia games. It features a big room with multiple doors leading to other parts of the palace and also features a ceremonial statue in the back. I incorporated gameplay in it as well using the Vector Character controller which you can see in the video below.

What I always like to do is to design an environment as if it  would be used in a game. And a big part in this for me is a narrative. I always start with creating a narrative and from there on out I create an environment while keeping level design in mind. It really makes me understand my environment better.

I really liked the aesthetic of this project as it allowed me to experiment with lighting and other technical aspects. Everything except some of the foliage and characters was made by me including models and textures.

This is the statue that is featured in this environment.

Tribal Totem

This is a model I did for a asignment at school with which I wanted to focus on sculpting and texturing. It's a jungle tribal totem, weathered over time.  It's my own take on the tribal totem pillars you can see in Uncharted 2.

Substance materials

These are some materials I made in the past year or so in Substance Designer in my spare time! All except for the wall are studies of real life photos.

VOC Fortuin

This is a project I'm very eager to show even though it is still work in progress. This is my graduation project at the HKU. What you see in the images below is the blockout scene in Unreal. I'm currently creating all the final assets and composing the scene with Quixel assets. Below you will find a few images of assets I already completed.

I wanted to create an environment that would fit in a game like Uncharted or Tomb Raider. For this environment I really wanted to focus on storytelling. I wanted to tell a true story from Dutch history from the golden age of sailing to get more people interested in this part of history.  I chose to tell the terrible and almost unbelievable story of the ship VOC Batavia that shipwrecked just of the coast near Australia, but with my own variation on the story so it would make sense in an adventure game.

After extensive research on dutch sailing history and shipwrecks I could form my narrative as historically accurate as possible as my setting would let me be. My environment takes place at the last part of the story.

After being shipwrecked in a extreme storm at the cocos islands on a mysterious island the crew sets up camp in the caverns below. A small group of soldiers migrate back to the wreck of the ship in search of water and food. But when a mutiny starts at the camp, the mutineers plan to fight and kill the soldiers to prevent them from hijacking the rescue ship that is on it's way. The soldiers hear about this and are prepared when the mutineers attack them. Eventually the defeat the mutineers and condem them to death by hanging.

The environment takes place 300 years after these events. As an adventurer you stumble upon this wreckage and find a map in the captains quarters that would help the adventurer further on his/her journey to find hidden treasure on the island. This environment's story is a smaller narrative of a larger story like you would encounter in some adventure games. Like in Tomb Raider's challenge tombs for example.

The images you see are in order of appearance if you would play through the environment as if it were a game. Using environmental storytelling to give hints to the story.

From concept to the final blockout in Unreal.

The concept phase was very lengthy. I explored many blockouts and concepts to get the environment in it's current composition. These are just a small bunch of images of my concept phase.

This is one of the models I already fully finished for this project.

A trim sheet with damaged and color variations

The dweller

A project I did for an asignment at school. I first did some worldbuilding about an ancient civilization and also defined an  artstyle inspired by the art featured in "Cabin's Book". I made concept art to be eventually made into a level in Unity.

This project I focussed on creating a lot of modular assets as well as writing all of the code for the level myself. Which was very fun because I actually was able to create this whole altough small game by myself.

The code and everything else in the game including models, textures and FX was made by me. except for the "INVECTOR Third Person Character Controller", the cartoon water shader and the sounds/music.

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