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The Strangers

The Strangers

Oscar Fugelsnes
by fugelsnes on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I startet matte painting not long ago, but found a love for it. I hope to in time make it as a professional matte painter, so I work every day to develop my skills. This is the concept for The Strangers, aliens floating silently in the air. I hope you enjoy.

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I am finishing my first year in VFX at Kristiania University College. We do a lot of different work; from compositing to 3D animation to Matte painting. I fell in love with matte painting after our first assignment, and wanted to make a bigger concept to train my skills and further develop as a story teller.

I hope you enjoy my work.

The Strangers

The work I am presenting here is the concept art for "The Strangers". The Strangers are alien beings that have come to earth without a sound. No one knows who they are, why they are here, or what they are. They simply float in the sky, while the world ruins itself with war beneath them.

I will go through my process throughout this presentation.

These are all matte paints made with photos bought from The white balls I call "the Strangers" are drawn by me. The paints are made up by about 25 to 30 pictures each of Icelandic and Scottish nature.

The Strangers are visually peaceful beings, but their silence give people on the ground a menacing feeling. These paints are set in the future, at a time when they have been floating in the air for a while, and people are getting used to them. The landscape shows how the world is becoming barren because of wars and conflicts that have passed through the years. 

This matte paint was originally a school assignment. I used this paint to further develop my concept, and ended up with The Strangers.


My process usually starts by making a lot of sketches to find the feeling of the environments I make. I try to find the right scale, and look, and then make composition sketches afterwards.

Thank you for checking out my work. I appreciate this opportunity as a new matte painter.

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