Yan Quélais - 2020 Portfolio

Yan Quélais - 2020 Portfolio

Yan Quélais
by yanquelais on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello, here is a panel of illustrations, characters, landscapes recently made in various universes, fantasy, sf, steampunk .... enjoy your visit !

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Hi , my name is Yan Quélais, currently I work in the web (web design, motion design), but since very young like many of us here, I have a passion for illustration, drawing, with for ambition to make it my job later, I hope soon. Creating from a blank page universes, characters, stories through an illustration is an exciting creative challenge! Have a nice trip ! :)

« It’s always tea time ». The Cheshire Cat in Alice's adventures in wonderland

The Legend of King Arthur  ( Environment design contest )

The mythical city of Arthur : Camelot. This city was built on a huge dolmen on which there are magic runes. These magical runes are energized by a sacred tree, as well as magical incantations formulated by magi in Merlin's tower.

Excalibur in his rock. The rock is a magical dolmen with a great source of energy that charges the sword.

Norse goddess :  my interpretation of Freyja , the goddess of love, war and the leader of the Valkyries.

Underwater steampunk city

Nemo, twenty thousand leagues in space

The Terror of the Undermountain

The last oasis

Heart of stone and light, the Gargoyles, guardians of the cathedrals

The explorer hiking backpack

Space exploration

Japan : here is my participation for an environment design contest whose theme was: Feudal Japan, the Shogunate.

For the first illustration, I represented a Shinto shrine near a quiet village. In this Shinto shrine, offerings are regularly made to obtain favors from the Kamis. In the sky, the spirit of a Kami with the appearance of a dragon watches over the inhabitants of the village.

For the second illustration, I represent an interpretation of a custom: Hanami. In ancient times, Japanese peasants thought that in the spring, the Kami of the fields would settle in the cherry blossoms. This illustration depicts a samurai who brings offerings to a kami next to a cherry tree (Sakura).

Elf mage

Asteroid Lyberteria,  the last city of the Free Earth

Indian dancer 2.0

Underground city

Raven warrior

Anubis, god of death

Thank's for watching !

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