The Last Star   byMabel V Che

The Last Star byMabel V Che

Mabel Che
by mabelvalorche on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

With the focus on Environmental Design, I aimed to create key places for this project. Here I visually show my primary process of: Ideations/ planning(design board) > Sketchup Model > Line drawing > Values/ lighting > Color. Take a look, curious traveler!

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             "Who would dare assert that we know all there is to be known? " 
                                                                                                                           -Galileo Galilei

The Last Star follows the journey of a young man whose thirst for knowledge of the stars and beyond leads him into the fray of European conflict. Religion reigns and those who devote themselves to the sciences of the stars are persecuted by the church of 1600 Medieval Europe. Morals clash as the rise of the Enlightenment shines new light that maybe we aren't the pivotal center of the Universe.

This features the idea and breakdown of the homebase of the main character, where he maintains and lives in a salt windmill in the countryside of Italy circa 1600.

Along the walls contain a rather crude scaffolding as well as embellished with his notes of his observations of the stars.

The top of the mill features a perch that Elias calls his abode, which is full of books, maps, star constellations studies and sketches.

This features the idea and breakdown of the next location: a textile shop, where he comes to a seemingly ordinary loom shop in the enlightened hub of Venice.

He is bestowed a small metal gear, similar to the ones he's seen in his windmill but before anything can be said, he is suddenly pursued.

He escapes though a secret passageway hidden beneath the floorboards : it is marked with the sun.

The Orrery Study is a safe haven for scholars who believe the Sun is the definitive center of the Universe; that there is more beyond earth then initially thought. The main Orrery mechanism is not fully functioning, for it is missing the last piece.

The creaking of this mechanism is embedded in the cogs and gears of the clocktower, and he holds the key.

He finally puts in the last piece to complete the Orrery; ready to learn all there is to know of the unknown.

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