Luca Tinelli
by lucatin on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Unfold is a second year VFX Short Film created at the University of Hertfordshire. It follows a story of a Red-Eyed Crocodile Skink who has been experimented on by a scientist and turns into a dragon.

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Core Team Members:

Kotryna Lidžiūtė -    Concept Art ║ Paint & Roto ║ Compositing ║ Lighting ║ Rendering

Luca Tinelli  - Rigging ║ Creature FX

Maya Storm Shrestha  - Concept Art ║ Animation ║ DOP

Noel Uchendu - Modeling ║ Texturing ║ LookDev

VFX Beakdowns

Concept Art

Group Picture

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 Collaborators: Luca Tinelli Kotryna Lidziute Maya Storm Shrestha and Noel Uchendu