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Bridge Brawl

Bridge Brawl

Valentin Schlie
by valentinschlie on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi my Name is Valentin Schlie. I am a Freelance Animator. I worked half a year on the creation of BB during school and after some working experience, I came back to this project to get the next few seconds done.

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Bridge Brawl

So this is the first half of my short film called "Bridge Brawl". I started working on this project at the beginning of last year. It began with a sketch of BB, the main character. Feeling like Gepetto I went on sculpting his body, rigging his bones, designing, and sewing his clothes. Then I walked to my favorite place in cologne where I shot an action Movie without any actors. It is called "the bridge the Hercules mountain" which I find appropriate for the scene I had in mind.

A lot of people say that you need to be very specialized to get a job in this industry, which I partly agree with. It is indeed necessary to know your field very well, but trying other fields can improve your skillset in so many ways. I loved working throw every step of this project and I got an incredible look behind the scene. And it feels like I started to finally understand how they make an animated movie!

Full body and facial rig, cloth sim, and fully textured.

A year later

I finished school at the end of July 2019. From October 2019 until March 2020 I was an intern at Red Parrot Studios right here in cologne. It was an amazing first job experience but I was super excited to finally come back to this project.

But this time I wanted to do some things differently. First of all, I didn't animate the whole thing in one Maya scene. At Red Parrot, we used a Pipeline Tool called Shotgun. It has a lot of cool features, which I tried to recreate by hand. So this time every shot got his own project folder. Having an organized project made it so much easier to animate a complete sequence.

I also started doing 2D animation as an animatic so that I have the timing down before I even open the 3D software. For this, I used a free tool called OpenToonz which is just amazing. Highly recommended. 

Just a small trick I wanted to share with you. I learned this one from my Supervisor. Basically it is a way to organize your editing project. You edit your storyboard on the music as usual and add a layer for your footage. Then another layer for animatic blocking splining and renders. Now you can toggle throw your progress very easily. 

These are just some other projects I did in school, if you want to see more you can find me here:

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