Colour Scripts

Colour Scripts

by leonatelivuo on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Various colour scripts and Visual Development work I did for two different projects.

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This colour script was made for the VR Experience "Amends" at The Animation Workshop.

The video below contains more in depth process from different parts of the project. It also includes a run-through of the Style Guide as I was working as Art Director.

The colour script went through a few iterations, where the colours within scenes were modified to support the mood, storytelling, and continuity. Some changes were also made to support transitions between scenes being more seamless. 

I worked on various design tasks during the project.

This following colour work was done for an NGO called "One of Us" at The Animation Workshop. It is a 30 second short film named "Burden" raising awareness for mental health and the destigmatisation of mental illness. Included are also two frames from the final film to give a sense of the final product, which everyone in the team contributed to realising. 

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