Cheeks Dana Drives

Cheeks Dana Drives

John Huynh
by noodleboi on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A mini-process book of my journey concerting the character known as Cheeks Dana Drives, a klutzy hamster bumbling about 1920s-esque New York, stuck in his job as a chauffeur for mafia gang members. I concepted him with the idea that you would be playing as him in a video game in a Grand Theft Auto-like setting.

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This is a spot illustration for one of the characters I concepted in one of my classes at SCAD. His name is Cheeks Dana Drives, and his profession is ferrying fellow mafia members across a crime-ridden, 1920s-esque New York. 

In the concept stage, I learned about the iterative process, which deals with a bunch of “funneling-down” of content, so to speak- I would present my work in front of the class and I would get valuable feedback on how to better convey the story I was trying to tell through character design choices. It started with values and silhouettes, then we moved on to a character turnaround, and then color comps for our very own character. It was a very important experience for me in getting a firm idea of what goes on in the industry!

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