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Jaime "Troiti" López - 3D Character Artist

Jaime "Troiti" López - 3D Character Artist

Jaime López Sánchez
by troiti on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This is a collection of all the different jobs have been doing during the last year, both by myself or at university. I hope you all enjoy it!

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This was a two weeks piece I made based on an awesome concept by my pal Dani Hebro


This was a project developed by Alex Rivas (he made the VFX) and myself (I was responsible for all the CGI involved). We wanted to make a 3D based on the cool imaginary of Gobelin's Hors de l'eau shortfilm.

To make the character, not only I made the modeling, shading and grooming, but I also developed a couple of tools to help me take over the tasks.

This tool coverted the proxy geometries for the hair into curves, to use them in Xgen later.

For the curves to work, they needed to be attached to the surface, so this second tool, attaches the splines to the base of the geometry.

Then, for the environment work, I made some simple rock on Zbrush, and created a water shader in arnold, trying to achieve a "stylished" look.

Then, I used some simple blendshpaes and Xgen Wind deformer to create some subtle animation, Alex did all the VFX work in Nuke, et voilà! The piece was completed!


This is a shortfilm I'm directing at university. It is still in the making, but, nevertheless, I wanted to share here the character development I was also responsible for in the project.

During the span of the last 3 months, I've been responsible for the modeling, texturing, shading and rigging of this handsome fellas.

I've also done some environment work, developing the final look and ambience of the shortfilm. (The modeling and shading was made be my colleagues at U-TAD university).


During this last year, apart from some freelances I was able to take on during my studies, I've also made a bunch of models to training in different fields.

Willem Dafoe

I made this 3D model while I was taking part in Kris Kosta's Fly over the wall program. I was great to develop my realistic modeling and texturing skills. It's a pitty it's still not finished, but I will!


This 3D model is a character of a short animation piece being develop by some friends, and I was resposible for the whole character development. The design was by Alex Relloso.


This model was made based on a concept by my good friend Alberto Expósito (Also an U_TAD student).


This was a quick design sculpt I made based on the awesome concept by James Castillo.

And that's all for me!

I hope you found my work interesting, it's being a very productive year, and I've been able to learn a lot from every step of an animated production.

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