Amandine Chaudière_Concept Art andCharacter Design

Amandine Chaudière_Concept Art andCharacter Design

Amandine Chaudière
by amss on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello My name is Amandine, I study concept art at the Bellecour school in Lyon. Here are several concepts that I made for group projects or for personal projects. I love character design but I also like to design props and imagine the universe of the characters. I'm looking for an internship or a job.

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Skan 'ya

These characters are part of a group of nomads who have been living for a few months in the middle of the valley to spend the winter.

We find Ninha, a young girl who has a gift for creating medicinal remedies with the plants she finds, and who has made herself a censer to use some of the virtues of the plants.

Belimda is the village chief, she is wise and thoughtful.

Leoum is a loner, but he always gives good advice to help Belimda and loves Ninha, he protects her like his own child.

I made these two guys for a short 3D animated film at my school.

This is Eugene, a crazy little doggy...

and the big, bad cook.

This explorer / Cartographer has found some very practical creatures for her project. She wants to list all the frozen lakes on the surface of Mars. Luckily, this creature lives in cavities under the frozen lakes and is so addicted to the salt on the ice that she would give anything to find one. Its huge tongue allows it to pick up as much salt as it can, to its great delight.

This strong woman is a bounty hunter living in the desert, you should fear her because with her extraordinary agility she will blow a poisoned arrow at you with her blowguns, which you will not see coming. 

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