Concept art, Illustration & Characters

Concept art, Illustration & Characters

by jonlundqvist on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello! My entry for Rookies 2020. A collection of projects and images iäve made during last year. Hope you enjoy!

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Project Skald - Skald was mine and Björn Jonassons degree project. I will showcase the images I made below. The idea was to create environment concepts for a dark fantasy game set in a northern continent. 

Sunken ruins - The theme of the sunken ruins was to create something that looked harsh, ancient and epic. I started out creating thumbnails of what the final image would contain and after that I did some sketches to grasp the design of what would drive this image. Last thing was a basic blockout with Blender and then Start painting over.

Glacier town - For these images I wanted to push story and progression into the thumbnails. You would travel Up through the city during an arctic day and as you come to the top, day turn to dusk as you fight the end boss in a aggressively vibrant dusk!

City of Grennstad - I wanted one image to show one of the cities actually populated and wanted to create a temple/tavern.

Project Pilgrim was a 4-week school project. I wanted to create concept for what would be a cozy adventure game where you would travel through different levels, all with their own distinct color palettes. During your travels you would meet these quirky and endearing pilgrims along the way.

And to end my entry to Rookies 2020 are some characters. Comissions, Dungeon & Dragons characters and some just in my spare time.

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