Death Blade

Death Blade

Erik Lee Öhrbom
by Albin Fyhr, Alfred Karlsson, Alicia Geijer, Arrjan Tarach, Chris Palmgren, Daniel Andersson, Daniel Wikström, Dorothea Wunder, Emil Werf Nordquist, Erik Lee Öhrbom, Gustav Pethrus, Jimmy Lundgren, Johan Nyberg, Jonathan Eriksson, Julia Eriksson, Martin Gullersbo, Niclas Sjöquist, Oliver Johansson, and lesserchaos on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Death Blade is a Roguelike First-person Slasher where you fight your way through the Yakuzas heavily guarded tower. Every playthrough is different thanks to the levels, enemies and the progression being randomized.

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The game was created for our second game project which is part of our education plan. The development time was 9 weeks. It included rookie Artists, Designers and programmers. We were 18 people in total 

Key Features

-Fast-Paced Always Aggressive Combat

-12 Unique and Interesting Upgrades that lets you choose your playstyle.

-Roguelike mechanics that allow for unique playthroughs every time.

Site to the game on our school page

On top of the normal grunt enemies there is 3 special enemies that will try to make it harder for you to get to the end

(From left to right)

- Specter; Will dash away from the players ranged attack

- Firestarter; Will explode on death and on every ranged attack

-Hacker; Will hack the players screen obscuring vision

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