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Below The Mire

Below The Mire

Logan Roth
by longmantis on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Concept art for an open world game exploring post apocalyptic Louisiana, more specifically the notorious Bayou. As mutant fish overtake the flooded marshes, Gums, the last fisherman, serves as the last resistance against these beasts. Happy Casting!

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In Below the Mire, you play as a Gums, the last fisherman on earth, on his quest to rid the Bayou of monstrous, mutant fish.

I wanted to keep the character designs relatively mundane for an apocalypse, like the characters are still trying to keep a semblance of their old life to help cope with their new reality. However, in fleshing out the world I intend to keep it centered around fish, exploring how a flooded open world environment could be traversed by the player, and what kind of challenges it could present.

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