Concept Art Portfolio - Lauren Treharne

Concept Art Portfolio - Lauren Treharne

by laurentreharne on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi my name is Lauren Treharne and I'm currently studying Concept Art. I love visual storytelling and creating whole worlds out of nothing. This portfolio shows my personal and school projects from the last year. Thank you for viewing and I hope you enjoy!

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Band of the Seasons

For a school assignment I had to design four characters for a medieval fantasy RPG-game. I wanted to assign each role a season. Thus I gave the Archer spring, the Warrior summer, the Tank autumn, and the Mage winter. 

Zodiac Gateway

The challenge was to create a functional puzzle as a box or environment. I took inspiration from Cambodian, Indonesian, and Vietnamese temples, as well as the Chinese zodiac, and designed a puzzle door and key that protects a labyrinthine library. 

To unlock the door, one must insert the 'key' (in this case, the weighted spoon that pairs with a Chinese compass plate) into the right-hand side start of the labyrinth that mirrors the library inside. The magnetic pull of the compass plate (stored behind the mask) draws the key toward the centre where they combine. One with pure intentions must reach into the mouth of the mask and withdraw the full compass- one with malicious intentions will lose their hand, as the door has a sense for these things. When the compass has been extracted the small hatch at the bottom of the door will swing open and the visitor may crawl through.

Luke Skywalker Re-Design

Additional Character Work


Thank you for your time!

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