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"Ticking" Short Film

"Ticking" Short Film

Sacha Gosselin
by Antoine Tomasi, Lucie Daniel, Sacha Gosselin, Valentin Clauzon, and sachagosselin on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This is a Short film made by Tomasi Antoine, Daniel Lucie, Clauzon Valentin and Gosselin Sacha. Here you can see my work on this short film and some part of the process ! I hope you'll enjoy it !

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"Ticking" is a School project for the third year. 
This film was made by Tomasi Antoine, Daniel Lucie, Clauzon Valentin and me !
It was an incredible experience as we were directing together a project from the begining to the end.
I hope you'll enjoy this short movie as we enjoyed making it !

I worked essentially for the environnement of Sam " the lazy guy". 
I did modeling, texturing, lookdev, lighting and compositing for the environnement.
I also worked on some Mad's props and essentially on Mad himself.
For the bad guy I did the shading, texturing,  lookdev, groom and some sculpt for his scar and flat eye.

Mad's Phone : Surfacing/ Texturing/ Lookdev

Mad's Bomb : Modeling/ Surfacing/ Texturing/ Lookdev

Mad : Surfacing/ Texturing/ Lookdev/ Lighting and Compositing (Portrait)/ Sculpt for Scar and Flat eye/ Groom

Sam's Office : Modeling / Surfacing/ Texturing/ Lookdev/ Lighting and Compositing

Software used for this project : Maya/ Renderman/ Zbrush/ Photoshop/ Mari/ Nukex/ Substance Painter

Demoreel 2020

Lucie Daniel :
-Concept Turn characters Sam/Mad
-Setup Design and Props
-Modeling props
-Rigging Sam
-Character Animation Sam shot 3, 5
-Animation Intro

Tomasi Antoine :
-Character Design Sam and Mad
-KeyShot Sam (OpenSpace)
-Character Modeling (Sam and Mad)
-Props modeling
-Retopo Sam and Mad
-Rigging Mad (full body)
-Rigging Sam (face only)
-Character Animation Shot 1,2 and 4
-Props Animation

Clauzon Valentin :
-Character Design
-Setup Design/Keyshot
-Lookdev Mad Jacket/Photoscan
-Lookdev Sam Character/Danny
-Lookdev Env Mad
-Modeling Env/props
-Lighting/Compositing Mad set
-Groom Sam
-Layout Mad set
-Intro/outro designs

Gosselin Sacha :
-Design Sam Environement
-Surfacing/Texturing/Lookdev Mad character
-Surfacing/Texturing/Lookdev Sam Env/Props
-Surfacing/Texturing/Lookdev “Mad’s Bomb” and Phone
-Env Modeling /Props
-Groom Mad character
-Layout Sam's office
-Lighting/Compositing Sam's office

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