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Portfolio 2019-2020

Portfolio 2019-2020

Fotis Karounias
by zarduk on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Sample of work that I've done over the past year. Thanks a lot for watching!

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The 4th Navajo

"The 4th Navajo" is an American Native real-time character that was created for a university project. It's a game-ready character that consists of a total of 97.713 triangles (73.360 for the body plus 24.353 for the weapons). It was my first attempt in creating a 3D character, human anatomy, baking, sculpting, and my first contact with software such as ZBrush, Substance Painter, and Marmoset. The learning curve was steep and even discouraging sometimes, however, the project was finished on time and got a very high grade too!

Eddie's big Horn

Influenced by D. Butz and inspired by my lecturer's name (Eddie Horn), Eddie's big Horn is a game-ready environment, depicting a strip club located in a dirty alley of a big modern city. It was a university project and also my first attempt in creating an environment using a game engine such as Unity, making the procedure more difficult because of the strict deadline combined with a lot of new things to cope with.


“Lethe” is a level of a first-person adventure game made for a university project and consists of an exterior scene in a deep and misty forest. Lethe was the reason that I used Unreal Engine 4 for the first time and was also my first attempt to try working with foliage. The size of the map is average as it takes approximately two minutes to walk from the starting point to its end. While walking, the player can interact with some of the objects around him and be given simple tasks to complete. The UI and gameplay of the game have been kept basic with a view to facilitating the user’s experience while playing. A variety of sound effects have been added such as ambient and environmental sounds (birds, crickets, owls, etc.) in order to enhance the sense of location in the environment. Confirmatory sounds are also generated when the player completes a sub-objective, picks up an item, or finishes with his main task.

At the video below you can check some actual game playing. Thanks a lot for watching!

I hope you enjoyed it! Double thanks to whoever managed to reach that far!

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