Messy Garage in UE4

Messy Garage in UE4

by jordideck on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

An environment I've been making for the last 6 months, heavily inspired by Akira Nakai's RWB workshop in Japan. All the assets are game-ready.

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Hi there! My name is Jordi and I'm a recent Game Art graduate looking to set foot in the industry. Today, I'd like to show you what I've been working on for the last 6 months: a messy garage environment inspired by RWB, made in Unreal Engine 4.

Here are some screenshots:


I'm a big fan of racing games and I consider myself a "petrolhead". The idea to make this environment came to my mind after playing Forza Horizon: it has these barnfinds all over the map, which are abandoned garages with cool cars in them and I thought I could make one myself.

Akira Nakai is a japanese car tuner who creates body kits exclusively for air-cooled Porsches. He's well known in the car community and he has one of the coolest workshops I've seen in a long time.

Here are some images of his garage I could find online. They made for a really good reference.

I started by drawing a really simple draft with some size proportions and lights.

Then I made a blockout of the scene in Maya. I made the walls floor, and ceiling in modular pieces for optimisation reasons.

The paint booth is also made with modular pieces.

Here are the textures I made for the floor, walls and carpet, using Substance Designer.


The way I approached the production of this scene was by focusing on individual assets, one by one, achieving a high level of quality. It might not be the fastest way but It's my personal project and I really enjoyed working this way. 

Also, this way I could upload them to my portfolio without the need to have the environment finished.

Even though I've made every single asset in this scene, it could get a bit boring if I showed all of them, so here are some of my favourite ones:

Rotiform HUR Wheels

Messy Toolbox

Retro Arcade Sim

At this point, I realised the importance of showing the wireframes and texture sets of the assets. I feel like this is what a potential employer wants to see.

Racing Dual Engine Kart

I spent weeks working on this asset and I think this could be a separate project but I'll keep everything in a single entry:

At first I didn't want to leave the kart on the floor, so I made a simple stand for it:

Speedster Lounge

After a little bit of research I found the original designer of the armchair featured in Nakai's Garage: Brian Kawal. This Armchair is super iconic and I wanted to make it as close to the real one as possible.

RWB Porsche

The objective here was to make the car look unfinished, like it was being worked on. I used as a base the body of the 964 Turbo Hoonigan. And then I removed body parts and filled the gaps with parts using as reference a documentary of one of Nakai’s build.


I made several attempts with the lighting because the mix of colors from the reference (Green, red,..) was quite hard to work with. Here are some screenshots with more saturated light colors and a different arrangement of the assets. I was very happy with it but after adding the Porsche I felt like it needed to be reworked.

You made it this far! I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did. Thanks for your attention.

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