Teddy's Bears

Teddy's Bears

Grace Parker
by graceparker on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Teddy's Bears is a 2D Animated short film made in my final year at the University of Hertfordshire!

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Thank you for checking out my Project! This is the project breakdown and development for Teddy's Bears, the 2D animated film linked above. This film was my 3rd Year animation project at the University of Hertfordshire. This project has taught me so much about the process of 2D animation, from concept to compositing. 

The first step for me was writing the story, then developing that into storyboards. 

Since these initial storyboards, the film has undergone a lot of changes. However, the main story beats have remained pretty similar. One of my main critiques was the camera angles - I started with very boring head-on, 1 point perspective shots and needed to diversify to add more interest! 

Next in the pipeline was the character and environment development.  

With this development (visual, and narrative) complete, I moved onto the animatic. 

Next - line tests and backgrounds!

These Process views are of my first fully rendered test frames. 

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