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Bleak City

Bleak City

David Masana
by echu on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This is a small street located on the rooftops of Bleak City. A city inspired by the oldie but goldie Perfect Dark, to whom I finally paid tribute. I made this scene in Unreal Engine 4, thought to be modular, and played a lot with hologram and rain shaders.

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Small flythrough video

Here are all the pieces used, except the building shapes on the background

For this environment, I asked my friend and character artist Yer Vang if he could provide me of a mysterious cyberpunk model, I needed nothing fancy as it would stay in the background basically. The character is only ambience at the ramen shop. Thanks Yer!

A couple of process views

And a couple Detail Lighting views

Making this environment in this short period of time has been really entertaining. I've discovered some new workflows and learned some more of material shaders in UE4.

I would also like to show you one of my latest scenes in UE4. My Vaar'cel Outpost. An artillery bunker located in an alien world with a more blue-ish atmosphere due to a different element composition. Here I learned quite a deal on mesh decals and modular building.

Last, but not least, I'd like you post here a small tutorial on mesh decals I found interesting to make after my Vaar'cel Outpost scene. As the information on the internet, on the subject, was quite minimal as for UE4.

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