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Pirate and dog characters - Mikel Rekondo

Pirate and dog characters - Mikel Rekondo

Mikel Rekondo
by mikelrek on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi! My name is Mikel Rekondo and I'm an animation and VFX student in Bcn, specialized in character art. I don't have a good portfolio yet, but I wanted to participate in this contest to show a couple of characters that I've been working on lately. I hope next year to be able to come with more! I hope you like them!

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This first character is Black, the protagonist of the project I'm working on this year in the university with my team mates. The project is called Outlaw Waves and it's about a wild pirate world with no laws. I wanted to give a tough image to this character.

I have done the concept, modeling, texturing and shading of the character. I  have used Maya and Zbrush for modeling, Substance and Mari for texturing,  Arnold for rendering and Nuke to final adjustments, as well as photoshop for the final compositions. Clothes patterns have been made by a teammate and It's ready for simulation. Xgen is being done right now by another team mate.

The second character is Tofu, it's a futuristic dog created due to different experiments. It was done for another university project, in which we had to create a team of different character body types for the university, to be used by other students in animation, lighting and different classes. Mine was the quadruped creature. This character has another part that is Tofulk, what would be its transformation, which is a large and muscular version of Tofu, but it is still in process.

I wanted to give a funny but also a little stupid look to the character. I did the concept, modeling, shading and lookdev of the character. I used Maya, Zbrush, Substance and Mari for this one. And the render is done in Arnold, but the character is intended to be game ready as well. The final comp was done with Nuke and Photoshop.

The images below are Keyshot renders before doing the final modeling and texturing work on the character, to find the final look. The second one is the evolution of Tofulk in which I'm working on.

Thank you for watching!

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