Morgane Périer

Morgane Périer

Morgane Périer
by morganeperier on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Here is my entry for the Rookies Challenge! It's my first participation, I hope I did all well. I really want to become a character artist. I hope you will like my character designs! enjoy!

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First, here is the most recent character I created for my graduation project. I'm in charge of the character design of one of the main characters of our short movie.

It's a horror movie, and this is the statue that will afraid you.

Here is a character I made for a Space opera project I did at school, in groups. We had to do character around a story of an Intergalactic championship of fighting robots. But after we made the human version of our character, we had to do his anthropomorphic version.

The graphic charter was the game Gigantic.

Her name is Théa, she is the coach of the robot.

This is her anthropomorphic version. I know I can't put 3D model for my entry, but if you want to see my 3D version of my character, it's on my Rookies profile !

And we made each one a version of the robot. For the project, we decided to continue with my version of the fighting robot. 

Next, this is another character design I made for a school project ! for a 3D animated short movie.

The name of the 3D short movie is "Eternal", it's a story about a person who loses the one he loves, and try to reborn his souvenirs with a little paper origami.

His name is Eliott.

And this is Rose, his wife.

Then this is character designs I made for presenting my short movie idea for the graduation projects. 4 projects was chosen, unfortunately, mine was not. But it's a project that is very important for me, so I will do it later.

The name of the short movie is "Tides", it's a story about depression and the fact that we can ask for help if we need it. 

The character don't have names. It's "She", and "Him".

I don't know if I can put a 2D animatic .. so if you want to see it the link of my portfolio is on my profile.

The man she met

Then some researches about the monster. He is her depression.

The next project is another school project about Black Panther. We had to redraw T'challa, 2 sidekicks, and 1 bad guy, In the universe we wanted.

I chose to reinvent them in a post-apocalyptic world.

The Graphic charter was Sean galloway.

and the sidekicks

and the bad woman

The next project is another character design I made for a school project about the story of Dracula.

I decided to draw Koukol, the butler of Dracula's castle.

and a fictive character, the niece of Dracula. 

And now some personal drawings!

(above) A drawing I made for the DTIYS of Max Grecke, on instagram.

(above) not finished but I think it's be interesting to show it.

(above) A drawing I made for the DTIYS (draw this in your style), of Anta R. Friean (@anta.rf on instagram).

(above) some researches for a character design challenge on facebook.

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