The Odd 3D Works of Zahra Abbas

The Odd 3D Works of Zahra Abbas

Zahra Abbas
by zfabbas on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

These 3D pieces are an accumulation of skills that i have gained over the past few years at uni. They're strange and a bit quirky, but then, so am I. I've done everything in these scenes except the grass and flowers in one of the images with my Snelephant.

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Snele The Snelephant

As my final year project I wanted to create a 3D version of a concept I had done during my first year. This was a hybrid of an Elephant and a Snail aka, a Snelephant. 

In order to make "Snele" look realistic I made sure that i broke down the model anatomy wise, building her from the bones up. This was a huge challenge for me as I really had to consider the  anatomies of both animals and the way it would move when animated. I was also extremely educational for me and really helped improve my modeling skills

I really wanted to make sure that I went into depth with the displacement textures and bring through the story of the character i was making rather than just sculpt out a model. Just a side not with this project, I didn't model the grass or flower in the following stills, however I did texture them. 

Jack in The Tinker Shop

This was a hard surface project that I challenged myself with. I wanted to create a peace that allowed me to push my  generalist knowledge and show accumulation of the skills I have learned during university.

 My inspiration for this was actually my grandmother's old childhood toys. Items that you might now only find in a tinker shop. I had always found toys  like this unsettling but  then I remembered  that during their lifetime they were cherished and loved, so I really wanted to bring that through in this piece.

These were my references with the concept I drew to the right. I may not have realised it then but I had been writing my dissertation on Saw and may have been subconsciously influenced by Billy the puppet as well :P

I did the clothes in Marvelous Designer however the rest of the fabrics in the image were created using Ncloth in Maya

I added groom to the cloth, paint brushes and Jack to really everything off. I'm really proud of what I've achieved with these two projects, they're a really nice finale to a pretty hectic final year of university.

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