Character Art by Angela

Character Art by Angela

Angela G
by angelag on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A collection of work created while studying vfx and entertainment design at Flinders University / CDW Studios.

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Character Designs and Illustrations 

Characters Designs and Illustrations that I have completed in my second and third year of study at Flinders University / CDW Studios.


This project was completed in the summer of 2020.

The character is a curious, young, and playful dryad with a proclivity for collecting and carving trinkets. she is a guardian of the denizens of the forest, and has formed particularity close bonds with a cute tribe of mushroom-folk. Her connection to nature is visible in plant-like growths throughout her body. 

Early sketches helped to establish the character's silhouette, values, and personality. 

Mushroom-folk explorations. I wanted to keep them super simple + cute. 

Final Character Design


I wanted to create a character concept for a 2D metroidvania style game. I decided to focus mainly on the design of the main character and then create some rough concepts to flesh out the world around them. I took a lot of ideas from my mushroom dryad and reworked the design so that it would make more sense in a 2D stylised game.

With this art style in mind I created some quick sketches in order to generate some interesting and stylised characters. This process also helped me flesh out the game's objective and mechanics. The sketches of the mushroom villagers are very stylised and are inspired by the soot sprites in Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. The bottom left sketch would become the base for the final character design. 

I re-worked the initial sketch until I had a design I was happy with. 

The character animation concepts give a sense of the different zones the player will encounter. So far I have come up with an underwater, vine swinging, and double jump ability.

The final design of the character is bright and colourful so that they stand out from the dark and decaying world around them.

GLADE - Character Illustration 

The character illustration I’ve included establishes the mood for the game. The character is portrayed as protective and I want this personality to shine through in the game. This painting started with a rough sketch and I used various textured brushes to achieve a painted feel. 


Enemy character concepts

These character designs were completed in my second year 2D Bootcamp class at Flinders University / CDW Studios. I created various characters that I thought would fit into a survival horror game. At the time I was playing The Last of Us and I was really inspired by it. 

These sketches are ideas for what a mini boss might look like in the game.


This is a project I'm currently working on. The protagonist is an alien disguised as a 90s teenager.

I heavily referenced 90s skateboard brands + stickers when designing the protagonist's skateboard. I had a lot of fun with this part of the project. 

The protagonist's best friends. They don't know she's an alien.


This is a character idea / theme that I have visited a few times.


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