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Kyle Brand – Concept Art & Illustration 2020

Kyle Brand – Concept Art & Illustration 2020

Kyle Brand
by kylebrand on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Currently a student taking Flinders University / CDW Studios topics as electives. I study art in my spare time while working at an advertising agency. My passion is the process, problem solving and new technologies. My current focus is fantasy characters/Illustration and hope to Incorporate art it into my future work.

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Hey, I am a part time student at Flinders University CDW Studios, the following is a collections of concept art from classes, personal illustrations & fan art.

Character Design

Brief based character designs from a Flinders/CDW topic.


Personal open world  third person fantasy game concept. 

For CDW & Personal Work.

Deer Girl Series

Illustration/Character Design based on a friends short story.

Brief: Raelynn is one of a species known as the "Kali", creatures whose job it is to look after and protect the forest in which they live. They are highly connected to nature, and are generally very flighty in nature. I also wanted the eyes to be different from human eyes to convey just that - the fact that she isn't human and is a wild creature. The people in my story don't even entirely know if these creatures exist as they're very shy, to the point where they're kind of revered as gods. Raelynn in particular hunts with a small contingent of other Kali in order to feed her clan mates for that given day. She is a little mischevious, and likes to poke fun at others sometimes. Additionally, when she is angered she tends to lash out a lot, using her antlers as weapons to attempt to gore her enemies.

Vehicle & Mech Concepts

Fan Art

Caduceus -Critical Role

Darling in The Franxx

Mermaid Series


Study Page

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