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Ruo Yu's Concept Art and Illustrations

Ruo Yu's Concept Art and Illustrations

Chen Ruo Yu
by ruoyuart on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hey, guys! I recently graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in Sequential Art. I'm mostly a concept artist and illustrator, though I do comic and storyboard work as well.

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Mood Paintings and Environment Design

Made a moodboard, went out to take pictures, picked one I liked, then painted over it.

Sketched thumbnail in Photoshop, modelled in Zbrush, textured in Substance Painter, rendered in Unreal Engine 4, then final painting done in Photoshop.

Moodboard and thumbnails done in Photoshop, 3d models done in Blender (icicles in Zbrush), rendered in Blenders Cycles, and then painted over in Photoshop.

This one was completely painted, so there's not much to talk about in terms of process.

This one was purely painted as well, so not much to talk about. I used one of my own concept pieces from a couple years ago as inspiration.

This piece was concepted in Unreal Engine - I started playing with Quixel Megascans assets, learned to use speedtree, and made a couple of assets in Zbrush.


Posed and rendered in Blender, painted in Photoshop.

Assets used from: 



Super shotgun:

This one was designed, modelled, and textured from scratch. Design sketches done in Photoshop, organic bits sculpted in Zbrush, hardsurface parts modelled in Blender, cloth done in Marvelous Designer. Textured in Substance Designer, rendered in Blender Cycles, then painted again back in Photoshop.

This piece was completely painted, but I did a quick animation in After Effects as an animated desktop background.

Character and Creature Concept Art

Here's my character design for the first ever 3d character I ever made. I used hardsurface modelling to create a character model, and did a basic environment and quick animation with the character.

This is a character I'm designing for a scene I'm creating. It was modelled in Blender and Zbrush, then painted in Photoshop.

Modelled in Zbrush and Blender, textured in Substance Painter, painted in Photoshop.

Concept Models: I know technically these don't count, but I'm just going to throw these in at the end.

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