Concept art and Illustration

Concept art and Illustration

Kayleigh Woelk
by bellisimo91 on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I am a concept artist, illustrator, and current SCAD student who began her journey with traditional mediums, and over time has develop two distinct styles that can be combined or separated based on the project.

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Digital Illustration

"Holy Mackerel!"

Project Description: Illustrate any metaphor, visual or otherwise, with an emphasis on mood and emotion. I had recently been doing some personal research into early religious paintings which, along with pop-culture's (and my) obsession with cats, inspired this piece. Initially, landing on an appropriate color palette was a challenge, and it required more exploration than what is shown below.

Concept Design

"The Giant Housewife's Guide to a Perfect Dinner Table"

Project description: Concept pages for a 1950's cookbook based on the fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk. This was a class assignment where students were expected to create an illustration set in a specific time period of their choosing. The type of illustration was up to the student's discretion (book, editorial, product design, etc.). My research included studying the work of Mary Blair, referencing aspic recipes from '50's and '60's cookbooks, and encasing a small cow figurine in green gelatin.

Character Development

"Snap Dragons"

Project Description: A personal project to design a character based on the Snapdragon flower. My goal was to create a fantastical animal that seemed like it could be potentially real. I developed my design from studying animals that might live in similar environments (except scaled up), and after some research I changed my original bulldog design to be more sloth-like. Note: this is mixed-media, traditional and digital, but it is my best example of character exploration.

Character Description: A species of dragon that lives in clusters of snapdragon flowers. These creatures live about 40-50 years old, and stand only 1" tall. They live in small groups (3-4), and their eggs are large (in comparison) and green to blend in with the flowers' buds. They are peaceful and slow, but omnivorous, preferring gnats and small mosquitoes.

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