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3D and 2D

3D and 2D

Lora Kolev
by lora on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A collection of some of my models I made during my second semester of my second year at DAE. 2019-2020

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Based on the concept of Pedro Kr├╝ger Garcia I sculpted his version of Gwenyver from The Legend of Arthur for my Character Creation final exam.

 This sculpt is supposed to fit in the Destiny universe. The design is made by me and for the face I used reference pictures (included)

This model was part of the Cute Creature Workshop which was an assignment for my course Stylized Design and Creation. We started from choosing a concept, I chose this adorable dragon made by  Alexandre Zedig Diboine  from his take on the dragons of Monster Hunter and followed the game pipeline process. 

This low poly WWI plane that I made for Game Art is based on the Ansaldo SVA 5 war plane and stylized during the process. the textures are handpainted.

For the same course as the plane, this weapon was part of the World of WarCraft Weapon Assignment in which we had to design a Weapon that would fit in the WoW universe.

5 Assets| horizontal and vertical desings included

For this project I had to go in depth and analyze the art style of Johannes Helgeson in order to make a fitting mount for one of his existing characters. In order to do that I had to create an art guide first, and afterwards explored different designs or the final render.

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