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Robert Tuan Anh - Game characters and Props

Robert Tuan Anh - Game characters and Props

Tuan Anh Ninh Van
by tuananhrobert on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Here is a collection of my artworks that I had the opportunity to work on at Mages Institute of Excellent in Singapore. All of them are optimized and ready to put in a game.

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Next-Gen Game character "BH-1301"

The first game character that I made for my school project. Highly inspired by Nivanh Chanthara's character concept, mixing between organic and hard surface sculpting techniques, Bounty Hunter was a very challenging yet fun model to work on.

Stylized Fantasy Kitten

This character was highly inspired by a very old game called Dragon Saga. So I wanted to take the theme of that game and make a more modernized and up to date standard character.

Plague Knight helmet

This piece is made from the base concept from Mike FranchinaI with the implementation of some elegant elements to it.

Nintendo Game & Watch Parachute

This final piece was given as a part of an art test form my lecturer. The requirement was to re-produce the prop with a photo-realistic outcome. 

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