Prop art portfolio

Prop art portfolio

by kevinmalonso on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This is my entry for the Rookie Awards 2020. All of the props here have been done during a portfolio course at The Game Assembly as we simultaneously worked on game development projects. Everything is rendered in realtime from Marmoset.

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Old Lether Suitcase

With this piece I intended to create an used leather suitcase set in 1940's Cuba, that would work in game and also hold up in an in-game cutscene. While working on it I wanted to focus on texturing and telling a story. Both in the textures but also in the surrounding, studying the artwork of mise en scene. The textures are intended to look good in 2k and (from a distance) 1k resolution.

A big thank you to my fellow classmate Kevin Lundmark for letting me use his Luger in one of my scenes, check out his amazing stuff here:

This image was taken just to show of the texturing, a lot of it is hand painted macro texturing with some generators for micro textures.

Just a simple scene. Telling a story with the placements of the props.

Vending machine

During this project I wanted to create something that have simple geometry so that I can spend more time on optimization and texturing. The asset has several stacked UVs and a tris count of 3620. One thing that bumped up the tris count was the bars at the front. They where a late addition, but gave a lot to breaking up the front and adding to the armored look. The tris count does not include the surrounding props and the AK47 that I got to borrow from a fellow student Jonathan Persson. You can find more of his work here: 

With this asset I wanted, just as before, place it in a setting and match the textures between the different props. 

To spend less time on the model made me go for a more simple box like shape so there was no excuse to not have a clean UV. I used ID colors to easily select the different parts of the mesh when texturing. 

Alien Covenant - Space helmet

This asset was based on the helmet used in the Alien Covenant movies. While working on this I intended to push my hard surface work further, having to work with a lot of cylindrical and round shapes that merge into each other. I wanted to keep the mechanical functions of the visors so that they could be animated. The helmet is intended to be a hero prop, using 2K textures and a higher tris count.

A huge thanks to Jonathan Persson for rigging and skinning the helmet as it made it super easy to animate the helmet, more of his work can be found here: 

I would also like to thank all of the fellow students and teachers of The Game Assembly, your feedback has been invaluable!

I chose to use several detail normal maps to tile over the mesh to give the textures a high fidelity look even if you lower the textures to 1K. Some of the normals break at that point, but it is not noticeable at a distance. 

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