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Texturing/Lighting/Lookdev reel

Texturing/Lighting/Lookdev reel

Philipp Sieben
by philippsieben on 8 Apr 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This is my student reel with special focus on texturing, lighting and look development. Feel free to reach out to me! [email protected] Butterfly animation by: Theo Roth Butterfly rig by: Hannes Faupel

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The butterfly was my first project for my demo reel. It was the most challenging project for me but I learned really much during the process. I have textured the butterfly with Mari and used Arnold for rendering. I did the compositing with the foundry Nuke.

The old office was the project I had the most fun to work on. I used Redshift for rendering which enabled me to render this project really fast. I put my most attention in terms of texturing on the objects on the table. It was also really fun to giving the scene a special mood and telling a story through light and colors.

As my third project I created a gumball machine. I decided to integrate it into live action footage, which I especially filmed for this project. My goal was to achieve the most realistic result possible. I used as my main reference a gumball machine image from adobe stock which you can see down below.  

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